• Treat oil spots with primer
  • Quality Sealing Material
  • Line stripping service
Seal Coating

Wrights Paving and Seal Coating, a complete Asphalt maintenance company serving the Richmond and surrounding areas working with commercial facilities as well as Home Owners resulting in many satisfied customers.

Asphalt Driveways and Parking Lots undergo constant punishment from traffic, Temperature, Rain and snow and Harmful UV Rays from the sun. Dont forget the occasional Gas and Oil Spill. Proper sealing and maintenance could prevent Damage that left untreated could be severely compromised after only a few years.

The Effects of UV Rays from the sun breaks down the surface of your driveway leaving it Vulnerable to Chemical and water damage and as a result water penetrates under surface causing soft subgrade and further damaging the asphalt.

New Asphalt driveways or parking lots should be sealded after 1 year and every 2 to 3 years afterwards being sure to properly fill all cracks and repair damaged areas first.

Wrights Paving and Seal Coating only uses quality products available at Seal Master. Click on link to view there products. After seal coating or paving your lot we also offer striping services to make your lot stand out and ADA compliant. Any questions feel free to call, we will be happy to answer and help any way we can. This is a small list of other services we offer

  • Hot pour crack filling
  • Cold pour crack filling
  • Clean your driveway or parking lot
  • Trim all edges
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